Our Purpose

At Teplu, we believe in thinking differently. Everything we do, we believe in doing innovatively. We simplify scientific concepts and make them easy to implement in dairy business. The name Teplu is derived from (Te)n (Plu)s and guides our philosophy of creating content which can be understood by a ten year old. Our purpose is to make life better for women and farmers by combining education, technology and advisory services.

Digi-Touch Education

Teplu creates curriculum based online & practical courses in local languages. Women, farmers, students and professionals use our courses to start new businesses or solve practical problems in their dairy. Courses are created using top experts and institutions. Continuous online support and handholding is provided to our learners.

Customized Services

We offer services which help implement scientific management practices conveniently. Our current services include advisory on dairy product manufacturing, customized dairy farm designing and online coaching. Using a dual approach of farm visits and video call based reviews we help dairy businesses overcome the challenges in operations and turn profitable.


We help small & medium scale dairy product manufacturers setup their plants. Assistance right from product planning to operations is provided. Teplu also helps manage various health risks associated with dairy animals. We design epidemiological studies and practices that lead to early detection of diseases and prevent their spread amongst animals and humans.

How we create online courses

We design online courses using a rigorous process of identifying problem areas and finding the best solutions. For this we involve top experts and institutions. After verifying the solutions for their efficacy in farms they are converted into digital content. Our courses are designed with such simplicity that even a ten year old can understand and implement them. With content being interactive & video based, people find it easy to learn in local languages from the comfort of their homes. Our courses take care of the differences in climate and geography and provide solutions that are customized to the farming needs across geographies.